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EMASST in brief



EMASST is an Association which aims to bring subjects and skills together that work in the field of Science and Technology of materials surfaces.
EMASST promotes basic research activities, industrial development, production and addition of the new products within the market carried out by Universities, Research Centers and Industries of EU member countries.
EMASST spreads knowledge on themes to various partners and supports the development of innovative products and/or processes at the highest level of competitiveness. Therefore, EMASST has the objective of creating a "network" on the Science and Technology of Material Surfaces among the different organizations that contribute work on these themes. In addition, EMASST also provides thorough organizational, technical and financial support.
The main purpose is to form a "critical mass" of people and skills on this frontier sector in order to increase and spread knowledge on the Science and Technology of the Material Surfaces. In this way, meaningful and effective opportunities for interaction are created between academia, research and industrial organizations at an international level and in particular within Europe.
The success of this initiative can be achieved by using a methodology based on the assessment by the TRL scale (Technology Readiness Level) of contributions and activities of each partner. As a result, it becomes easier to integrate individual contributions by assessing the maturity levels for the purposes of possible industrial applications. The individual contribution (in terms of results and knowledge) will be shared only with the authorization of each member and if necessary in accordance with the laws of Intellectual Property Rights.


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