Welcome to the newsletter of EMASST after the COVID 19 pandemic

Dear EMASST friends and colleagues

This is the first issue after the COVID 19 pandemic of the EMASST Newsletter.

Our ambition is to become and serve as a regular communication channel open to all members and friends of EMASST.

The scope of EMASST is to promote the science and technology of material surfaces. To do this, EMASST will work to bring together its members of scientists, engineers, technicians, managers from industry and administration with the aim to gain knowledge and provide support

for the development of innovative products and evaluation of processes.

EMASST has the objective creating a network on science and technology in the area of material surfaces among various universities, research centers and industries at global level.

The newsletter will function as a forum for open discussion by our members and renowned scientists from all over the globe as per issues that tackle the challenging topics of material surfaces such:

-Smart Coatings and Surface


-Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

-Advanced Manufacturing/Processing and Characterization

as applied in:

·People’s health and well being

·Safe, smart, green transportation

·Smart cities: environmental quality and mitigation of pollutants

With this issue we launch an open call for contributions to the next issue of EMASST newsletter, which will come out at the end of January 2023. We invite short articles (up to 500 words) focusing on themes of your interest within the area/scope of EMASST. We hope you enjoy reading the EMASST newsletter and that you will become an active member of our association.

During the period of the COVID 19 pandemic there are various changes in the Board of Directors. The new board from June 2022 is as follows:

Dr. Dimitrios Kotzias-President

Dr. Rosanna Mabilia-Vice President and responsible for financial issues.

Dr. Paolo Ciccioli, responsible for scientific affairs.

During the general assembly in the frame of the next scientific conference the election

of the Board of Directors will be completed

EMASST conferences in Rome 2014, Capri 2016, Nice/France 2018

· Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the EMASST conference in Athens/Greece, 7-9 October, 2020 has been cancelled

The state of the art on Surface Science is presented by scientists working in European and non-European countries.

Advances are shown for innovative coatings, surface modification and

characterization, manufacturing and processing, and interactions of materials,including nano-materials, and the environment.

In our conferences, we welcomed scientists from Austria, Germany, France,Italy, Poland, and Romania, as well as from non-European countries: Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Singapore.