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is engaged in key strategic areas of Science and Technology of Material surfaces, in particular sectors such as aeronautical and aerospace, mechanical, electrical and electronics, energy, biological and chemical.
In all these areas, EMASST looks forward to a close collaboration among academia, the research and industrial community, for a complete and rapid transfer of knowledge and skills from basic science to engineering and manufacturing of innovative products and/or processes.

In brief, EMASST’s objectives are:

  • to bring people together Associations, Societies, Entities, Industries, Research Centers and European Union Universities, interested in the development in various applicative and industrial sectors, scientific and technological activities on surface properties of materials and their modification, by promoting, in this way,  research and technological advances;

  • to promote and disseminate studies and research on the science and technology of surfaces to achieve new properties/performance and to identify new applications, to contribute to the transfer of knowledge among universities, research centers and industries, even among seemingly different applicative fields, through publications, conferences, seminars, workshops, discussions, prize contests for study and research;

  • to make aware of the approach of civil society in science and technology of material surfaces issues and a greater awareness of its impact in the fields of public health, safety, transport, energy, high-tech and conservation of  culture heritage through advertising campaigns on magazines and other dissemination activities;

  • to promote an international network of Industries with the latest equipment of activation and/or modification of surfaces and qualified laboratories belonging to Research Centers, Universities and Industries. This is to promote the development of "European Reference Centers" on surfaces science in order to increase and enhance the knowledge on science and technology of material surfaces within Europe. The aforementioned network allows to more easily identify qualified partners for research, technological development and industrialization projects. This European network of highly qualified centers also allows easier connection among the different realities, as it makes possible a greater rapidity in achieving results and an improvement in the quality of new scientific knowledge and the development of new products and/or processes;

  • to share, through the interactive website, works, discoveries, inventions, experiences and scientific publications as well as new ideas, research projects (national and European), internal collaborations between institutions for research and development activities. The information will be posted on the site after the evaluation by the Technical Scientific Committee;

  • to establish and develop cooperative relationships with Industries, Research Centers, scientific academies, associations and cultural, domestic and foreign institutions;

  • to promote the professional development of people interested in surfaces science and technology and to assure technical update;

  • to facilitate the work of study and research on surfaces science and technology;

  • to carry out duties of investigation or research in the activities sectors concerning the Association and give public or private bodies the opportunity to know the opinion of the Association or its members on matters relating to surfaces science and technology.

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